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Could your customers be suffering from this rare disease? A private 1-on-1 consult might be the cure ––

copy audit.

Your copy isn’t cutting it. That’s why you’re here, right?

Your customers aren’t reading your emails, sales pages, product descriptions and articles… and as a result they’re suffering from a horrible disease called T-Rex Armitis. It’s when their arms are so damn short they can’t reach their wallets or purses. No business can survive with T-Rex Armitis plaguing their customer base.

Well, that’s where I come in. Or, rather, where both of us come in. As a copywriter, marketer and creative thinker who has worked with startup goliaths like Onnit, Iconic, Bellhops, The Hustle and the American Ultimate Disc League on writing words that sell like hell… I know a thing or two about writing good copy that people want to read and more importantly want to buy after reading.

I mean, you’re still reading this… aren’t you?

So, here’s the deal. While most of my copywriting projects start out at around $2,500, I want to work 1-on-1 with you for far, far less.

On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s of every week I schedule what’s called “Copy Audits” with awesome brands and people like yourself. They’re fast, they’re hugely insightful and in my opinion they’re the best deal I offer here at Honey Copy. Here’s what you can expect to get out of this super-exclusive 1-on-1 copy audit…

  • Learn important copywriting rules you can put into action immediately

  • Establish a unique voice and style you can confidently write with going forward

  • Get your most frustrating copy and marketing related questions answered on the spot

  • Walk away with great sales copy we write together during our consultation

  • Find a cure for your customers suffering from T-Rex Armitis

Better copy = More money

If you’re game, here’s what this process will look like. You’ll begin by clicking this pretty green text or the big button down below. It will take you to a magical place that will allow you to make payment and schedule our copy audit.