Honey Copy


I ain't cheap, honey ––

If your budget is tight I recommend you check out Sticky Notes or schedule a copy audit with me. But, if you're wanting to make something cool together, I suggest you keep reading. 

To begin, I'm not cheap. Writing is hard work and writing a clear crisp sentence that reads like poetry and sells like Ogilvy is never an accident.

I care a lot about writing words that matter, words that make your reader feel like they're having a warm conversation, words that close like a Florida Snow Cone Vendor on the hottest day of the year.

This means you're going to pay a lot. But, you're going to get more than you pay for. 

Below I have listed a few of the copywriting services I offer. But, if you have something wild and extravagant and perhaps even batshit crazy that's not listed –– reach out.

I like batshit crazy.  

Copy Audit | $500


You send over any copy you would like reviewed. You and I hop on a call. For one hour we edit, review and revise your copy on the spot. You walk away with valuable actionable insight you can begin applying immediately.

Email Copywriting | $1,000


From single sales emails to large-scale email campaigns, I can craft you creative and compelling emails punctuated with tantalizing subject lines that your customers won't be able to resist opening. 

Landing Page Copywriting | $2,500


My landing page copywriting is the most expensive service listed for a reason –– it's abundantly valuable. When your brand has a good landing page it can rely on, it's like having a super sexy salesman or saleswoman that works 24/7 to collect emails, generate leads and ultimately sell your products and services.