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Tell Me More: Why Customers Like Bad Brands


We’ve seen the narrative time and time again on the big screen… the hot girl chooses the tattoo covered motorcycle driving aviator wearing bad guy over the good guy that is blander than a bag of oven-baked lays potato chips. 

It’s a narrative that has given way to a widely-held cultural belief that the bad guy gets the girl or more commonly phrased as… girls like bad guys

And, while I am not here to give you dating advice but instead marketing advice (which we will get to here in a moment), I can tell you this:

Girls don’t like bad guys. Girls like interesting guys. 

And, whether you like it or not, the tattoo-covered motorcycle riding aviator wearing bad guy is interesting. 

It’s not a dilemma of bad or good. It’s a dilemma of interesting or boring. 

Which is nice to know, but what does any of this have to do with marketing? 

Great question. And, everything actually. 

Just like girls like interesting guys, customers like interesting brands. 

And, while there will always be those brands who lead the universe in being interesting (Patagonia, Urban Outfitters, Apple, etc), I am of the firm belief that every brand has something about them that is interesting…

But, before we can discover what is interesting about a brand, we must first determine what interesting is.

There are a ton of definitions out there for the term interesting, but as it relates to marketing, we are just going to say interesting is arousing curiosity in the customer. 

So, the question becomes –– what can we bring out in our brand(s) that will make our customers curious enough to say tell me more?

And, while I know nothing about you or your brand, I can tell you this... good customer service is no longer interesting, it's expected. Neither is a hard working dedicated team of [fill in the blank]. A good rule of thumb here is –– if 20% of your connections are putting it in their LinkedIn bios... it's not interesting. 

HINT: Start with a story, write it, read it to a few of your customers... if their eyes glaze over rewrite and hit repeat. If their heads start moving up and down, you might be getting somewhere. 

Think back to the girl or guy that got away. Remember? The one who chose the tattoo covered motorcycle driving aviator wearing bad guy or girl over you. You're writing a letter to that person and saying here is why I am interesting. And, better yet, more interesting than everyone else. 

But this time, something bigger is on the line –– your business. And, you're writing to someone different –– your customer.

Don't let them get away. 

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer