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Buy words: 100 words that make people want to buy.

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Let me ask you something. How would you feel if I sent you the following email... 

"Dear Mr. or Ms. Stranger, 

I've been following your work for a while now and to be candid... I think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. In fact, I think you and your work are so awesome, I would love to treat you to a cup of coffee sometime!  



While I imagine there would be a part of you that would think I was a bit of a kiss-ass, receiving this kind of note would make you feel good.

Now, on the contrary, how would you feel if I sent you a slightly different email reading something like this instead... 

"Dear Mr. or Ms. Stranger, 

I've been following your work for a while now and to be candid... I think you're a complete and utter jack-ass. In fact, I think you and your work are so God awful that I would love to tie you to a tree and slap you across the face with a fly swatter. 



Now, if you're a human that feels anything at all... there would be, at the very least, a small part of you that would feel hurt, sad, angry or a bit confused if you received an email like the one above. 

But, what's interesting is that the second email really didn't vary all that much from the first email in terms of overall length, structure and style. But, what was very different was the words I used in a select few places.

Now, you might be wondering, why is this monster dragging me through this emotional roller-coaster?

Well, the reason I used the above example of the two emails is to prove to you that words matter. The legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert, would use a similar example to explain just how important words are in our sales copy. 

The words we use on our websites, landing pages, blog posts and emails have a tremendous effect on our readers.

While, yes, this might seem rudimentary, you wouldn't believe how often brands forget just how much power the words they use have over their prospective customers. 

Some words can cause us to feel angry and act irrationally, while other words can help us feel calm, relaxed and even comfortable. Then, there are of course another set of words, which will be the focus of today's article... 

100 words that make people want to buy.

Today, we will be chatting about words that make people want to buy. Copywriters and marketers call these puppies "buy words"... when folks read them, they evoke strong emotions that make them ultimately want to cough up their hard-earned money and buy, opt-in, learn more, etc. 

I've put together a magical list of 100 words that make people want to buy and have divvied these buy words up into their very own special categories. But, don't be afraid to mix and match!

Buy words that entice the customer with a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

We as humans love opportunity... why do you think we check our email inboxes multiple times a day? Opportunity feels good. It's exciting. It get our hearts beating a little bit faster. If you're willing to create a good opportunity for your customer and present it in a compelling way, they will be all ears. Here are a few buy words you can use to create opportunity. 

1. Win

2. Special

3. Bonus

4. Extra 

5. Free

6. Anniversary

7. Sale

8. Offer

9. Flash

10. Off

11. Plus

12. Save

13. More

14. Hot

15. First

16. Only

Buy words that add an element of exclusivity and scarcity.

We want what we can't have and we want what others can't have. In addition, we want what is rare, what is valuable and what is ultimately exclusive. Nobody buys a brand-spanking-new Porsche because it is the logical thing to do. They buy a Porsche because it's exclusive. Keep exclusivity in mind as you think about words that make people want to buy.

17. State-of-the-art

18. Invite-only

19. Pristine

20. Luxurious

21. Exclusive.

22. Best

23. Limited

24. Rare

25. Small-batch

26. Crafted

27. Premiere

28. Latest

29. New

30. Precious

31. Scratch

32. Made

33. Well-made

34. Cast

35. Forged

Buy words that help your customers feel comfortable and safe. 

People are more likely to buy if they feel comfortable with you and what you're selling. This is why it is imperative that you establish an element of trust, safety and comfort with you customer. How can you remove any risk and fear from buying your product? When it comes to writing copy, here are a few buy words that can put your customer(s) at ease. 

36. Trust

37. Guarantee

38. Proven

39. Safety

40. Tested

41. Inspected

38. Protected

42. Quality-ensured

43. Lifetime

44. Money-back

45. Privacy

46. Iron-clad

47. Best-seller

Buy words that create a sense of urgency in your customer.

While it's important to help your customers feel at ease when buying your product, you also need to make it known that they don't have all the time in the world to make a decision. No, this deal isn't going to be here next year. So, make a decision now. 

48. Immediately 

49. Now

50. Act

51. Today

52. Start

53. Expires

54. Quick

55. Instantaneously

56. Soon

57. Hurry

58. Going-fast

59. Discover

60. Create 

61. Complete

Buy words that make a promise to your customer. 

People appreciate promises, especially if you're a trustworthy brand that has been known to keep your promises. If Apple makes a promise you know they're going to keep it. Promises are effective at crafting a strong sell to your customer as to why they pull the trigger on whatever you're selling. Here are a few buy words that can help in doing this 

62. Improve

63. Profit

64. Learn

65. Know

66. Understand

67. You

68. Powerful

69. Money

70. Health

71. Results

72. How to

Buy words that offer a easy painless solution to their problem.

Uber, Airbnb and PayPal are just a few examples of services that offer an easy painless solution to very specific problem. If you truly have a product or service that offers a streamlined solution to a traditionally frustrating and difficult problem to solve, I highly recommend highlighting this value to your customer. Here are a few buy words that say "easy" to your readers. 

73. Painless

74. Easy

75. Simple

76. Stress-free

77. No-fuss

78. Basic

79. Help

80. Convenient

81. Cinch

Buy words that add a little extra "oomph" to your offer.

I tend to admittedly get flashy (at times) when it comes to crafting copy for my clients. My thoughts? There is so much boring copy cluttering the web today, why not craft something that stands out. Below you will find some buy words that add a little extra "oomph" to your copy. And, if you want more, read this article

82. Amazing

83. Extraordinary

84. Ultimate

85. Tremendous

86. Innovative

87. Revolutionary

88. Sublime

89. Sensational

90. Extravagant

91. Greatest

92. Thrilling

93. Compelling

94. Ravishing

95. Brilliant

96. Cunning

97. Monumental

98. Remarkable

99. Magic

100. Dazzling

That's all he wrote, for now... 

However, I wanted to leave you with some parting wisdom for the day. Remember that fancy powerful words are just words unless you know how to use them. You can give someone the fanciest most luxurious car in the world and it won't do them much good unless they know how to drive. I believe the same can be said for marketers and copywriters. Pretty words are nice... but they're prettier if you know how to use them. 

So, if you ever need some additional firepower from a copywriting standpoint, shoot me a note at cole@honeycopy.com. Or, subscribe below!

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Cole Schafer