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Whether you’re falling in love or crafting good marketing, timing is everything.

When I was fifteen years old, I had my heart broken by a pretty girl at church camp.

Fast-forward a decade later and I’d find myself falling in love with her again, only this time around without the heartbreak… or at least not yet.

My falling and then hurting and then falling again gifted me a wondrous nugget of insight I still keep in my back pocket today –– sometimes it’s the right person at the wrong time.

Or, in other words…

Timing is everything.

Recently I read Daniel Pink’s book, When. I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying it nor reading it… it was one of those books that would have been better off an essay rather than a full-on book.

But, despite this, Pink shared some fascinating information on the topic of timing and how it can massively impact everything from our work, our sleep and our relationships.

Take marriage for example…

Couples who get married between the ages of twenty-eight to thirty-two are much less likely to get divorced than couples who get married in their early twenties. Additionally, for each year a person gets married after the age of thirty-two, their chances of divorce increases by about 5%.

While I’m certainly not ready for marriage anytime soon (and might not ever be)… you better believe that I am taking these statistics into consideration.

I’m twenty-five at the writing of this article, I’m good with waiting another few years to better my chances.

But, enough about love, let’s talk money and marketing…

How timing my marketing has earned me $20,000 and some change.

When it comes to marketing, I would argue that timing is also everything.

And, I have the numbers to back it up…

In February of this year, I launched my copywriting guide… it did okay, generating $2,754.80 in 48-hours.

Growth hackers overly obsessed with immediate gratification would have called the launch a failure. But, I knew there would be more sales to come, as long as I was patient and kept marketing my copywriting guide on both my blog and in my email newsletter.

Fast-forward about 6-months from my original launch and today my total sales for my copywriting guide sit at $24,385.80.

Like the heartbreak I experienced at the age of fifteen, many of the prospective customers who chose not to buy during my launch were the right people at the wrong time.

They were entrepreneurs, marketers and snow-cone vendors who needed to write better copy, but either didn’t realize it yet or simply weren’t ready to buy.

Thankfully, I kept showing up.

You’ve got to give the customer time.

Once upon a time, marketing and advertising were more like a slow and steady trickle rather than a BAM! in your face storm that lasts the afternoon but is quickly forgotten the next day.

Advertising geniuses like David Ogilvy knew that consistency was key and so they focused on branding, positioning and creating advertising that stood the test of time rather than quick clickbaity bullshit.

Unfortunately, as self-proclaimed growth hackers have bred like roaches, brands are focusing more on the “launch” rather than the much larger race they’re running –– and that’s being first in the customer’s mind when they eventually do decide to buy.

At Honey Copy, I couldn’t begin to add up the amount of revenue I’ve made from customers reaching out about doing business with me after having been on my email list for 6-months, a year and in some cases two years.

(If I would have shrugged off these folks as being uninterested, I would have cost myself tens of thousands of dollars).

Whether you’re falling in love or crafting good marketing, timing is everything and more times than not your marketing will be going out to the right person at the wrong time.

So, to mitigate this, you have to be both patient and consistent with your marketing –– if you are patient and consistent you can stay top of mind when they eventually do decide to buy.

My best piece of advice here would be to build an email list, send out a weekly newsletter and constantly remind them that when the timing is right… you’ll be waiting for them.

By Cole Schafer.

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