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Writing good advertising copy is like writing a love letter.

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If you were to write a love letter tomorrow to someone you care deeply about, there is a good chance you would commit a considerable amount of thought to its creation.

Obviously, the level of care and personal touch you put into the letter will vary from person to person… here are four things everyone could do to ensure its success.

Know who you are sending the love letter to. 

You would want to be certain the love letter is being delivered to the desired individual or the target market. It could be the best letter in the world, but if it is delivered to your lover’s neighbor it will go unread.

Know the importance of writing something that is interesting. 

You would want to be certain the love letter is noteworthy enough from an aesthetic standpoint, that the desired individual will open it. If she knows (and likes) who you are, all you will need to do is neatly write your name on the back of the envelope.

But, if the individual doesn’t know who you are, you will have to come up with other ways to garner their attention. Perhaps you tape a $1 bill to it. Or, maybe you create an envelope with custom artwork on it. In other words, you have to write the letter in such a way that it tickles the desired individual’s attention and ultimately interests them enough to open it.

Write something that will make your lover desire you. 

You would want to be certain the contents of the love letter are extremely well-written. This means what your letter has to say must be persuasive. It must be valuable. It must be relevant. If your letter is filled with typos and reads like an instruction manual, you’re not going to get a date. The contents of your letter must be desirable –– after reading the letter your lover should desire you (or desire you more).

Always... ALWAYS... include an ask. 

Once your lover has read through the letter, she should NOT question what she should do next. This means there must be a very clear call to action. Instead of, “We should grab coffee sometime, Bradie…”, you should write,“Are you available to grab coffee next Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Penny Lane Coffeehouse?” 

When writing a good love letter, you should make it as easy as possible on your lover to make a decision. Perhaps, view your entire love letter like an upside down triangle or a funnel leading to one very focused point –– getting a date.

Love letters aren't unlike good advertising copy.

Again, when writing a successful love letter, send your letter to the right person, not their neighbor. Make the outside of the letter interesting enough that they will want to open it without hesitation. Craft your letter to be lovely, well-written, persuasive and ultimately desirable. And finally, have a clear objective at the end of your letter, a call-to-action if you will, your lover should always know exactly what she should do next.

By Cole Schafer

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Cole Schafer