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Somebody get me a damn MoonPie.

You take a thick fluffy marshmallow, smash it between two crispy golden graham-crackers and then smother the entire thing in chocolate… you’re gonna make a sale or two.

But, when you pair this brilliant delicious creation with a quick-witted Twitter account you’ve got a damn money tree that customers will keep going back to until they’re practically rolling.

While I can’t tell you the last time I’ve devoured a MoonPie, I’ve been craving one ever since stumbling upon the brands Twitter account that sports a casual 248,000 followers and a bank of clever tweets that will leave you laughing, pondering and longing for the peculiar thing that is neither a moon nor a pie.

Here are a few examples of the ingenious little chocolate-covered marshmallow-infused nuggets I’m talking about:

“Once a day we’ll have someone walk into a room and yell “did someone say MoonPies?” and we usually just did”

“MoonPie recipe: slap a MoonPie on the grill and then build a deck with your old man or something”

“Why do people eat spiders in their sleep but not MoonPies who do we need talk to about this”

I’m writing about MoonPie mainly because I wanted to share my love for their Twitter with you.

But, additionally because I think it’s something brands and marketers alike can learn from.

It’s okay to be human in your marketing.

It’s okay to not always use periods

It’s okay to not always be formal.

It’s okay to be a bit controversial.

It’s okay to not follow the book.

It’s okay to be a MoonPie. Which speaking of.. seriously… what the hell is a MoonPie?

Happy marketing, homies.

By Cole Schafer.

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Cole Schafer