Honey Copy


Can the dog hunt?


There are a lot of so-called “writers” roaming around the wild wild west that is the web, today.

Many of these writers bark. Very few can actually hunt.

While I find the word “portfolio” to be pretentious, I realize I have to flash my work around so you know I’m the latter.

So, without further ado, here’s some ink I’ve slung for some of the coolest brands in the universe.

[Sales pages] that’ll make you gasp.


Sales pages are exactly what they sound like –– pages that sell whatever it is you are selling. I’ve featured three sales page down below that combine for $657,000 in revenue.

$500,000 crowdfunding page for the American Ultimate Disc League, the NBA of ultimate frisbee.

$140,000 crowdfunding page for Samsara, an Israeli luggage company that sells some of the most advanced suitcases rolling around airports today.

$17,000 sales page for my course, How to write words that sell like a Florida Snow Cone Vendor on the hottest day of the year. Yes, that’s a long ass title.

[Website copy] so piping-hot you’ll need oven mitts.

Unlike the vast majority of websites floating around the web, the words you’ll read on the ones down below shouldn’t bore you to the point of exhaustion. I’ve written website copy for…

Bliss, the largest Canadian cannabis brand, ever.

Allies Against Slavery, an organization that is working relentlessly to end human trafficking and slavery in Texas and eventually the world as a whole.

Currency.com, the world’s first regulated Tokenized Securities Exchange.

Butterfly IQ, a handheld ultrasound device that is bringing medical imaging to the 4.7 billion people around the world who currently don’t have access.

[Articles] your readers won’t be able to put down.


I’ve also written ridiculously readable articles that make readers want to subscribe and share and do business with brands like Freshbooks, Entrepreneur Magazine, Hootsuite, Gumroad, Unemployable and Business Insider. Articles like…

Why Creating a Medium Blog is a Great Place to Start.

6 Priceless Lessons Learned From a Coconut Vendor in Maui.

Focus Is the Secret Weapon of the Business Sharpshooter.

What College Students Need to Know About the Business World.

9 social media automation tools that’ll make your life easier.

How to use Google My Business to get more customers.

10 Can't-Miss Tips to Dominate Your Cold Calls.

Bad*ss product ideas that have turned into giants on Gumroad.

How to cash in on the business of creativity.

The Psychology of Selling.

Success is about becoming really good at one thing.

If you need some reading material for the afternoon, click whatever above tickles your fancy. But, if you need reading material for your brand, well that’s what the big red button down below is for…

[Emails] folks will be checking and re-checking their inbox for.

I run the best damn email newsletter on this side of the Mississippi. It’s called Sticky Notes and it’s a weekly note sent out to 4,873 entrepreneurs, marketers and snow cone vendors looking to sell like hell with the written word.

You can view some of my most opened emails down below. The number to the left is the email’s open rate, the number to the right is its click-through rate.

Who gave us permission? 40.9% | 5.5%

A typo that cost me $15,000. 43.2% | 7%

I’m pretty much f*cked. 47.6% | 8.2%

How to make money while you sleep. 45.4% | 9.9%

Look who is laughing now. 50.9% | 9.3%

Writing techniques that work like witchcraft. 62.3% | 16.8%

Whether you want to create a newsletter for your own brand or what to put together a sales email sequence… that’s what that big fat red button down below is for.

Not sure what the hell you’re looking for?


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