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Got a second to stick around? Good, let me tell you why Honey Copy exists. 

There's a screen separating us. It's the same screen separating you and the people that could be your customers. 

It's everywhere. It's beautiful. It's packed full of endless opportunity.

But... it doesn't come without a few drawbacks.

While our screens have given us a medium to reach customers from all around the globe, they have removed many of the lovely elements that make us living breathing human beings. 

Lovely elements like hearty belly laughs, firm handshakes, warm conversations, bright smiles and the close human connections that are necessary for brands to build long lasting relationships with their customers.  

I've got some news hot off the press for you. The screens aren't going anywhere (not anytime soon anyways), which is why now more than ever before... 

Words matter. 

Honey Copy is a creative copywriting shop that works with brands like yourself on writing words that matter, words that inspire, words that make your customers feel the way they should feel –– human.

It's a small solo shop owned and operated by myself, Cole Schafer, where I take pride in the fact that the hundreds of thousands of words shelled out on an annual basis are written solely by me. 

I've slung ink for brands like Entrepreneur Magazine, The Hustle, Onnit and a number of other awesomely audacious startups looking to craft edgy, creative, conversational and matterful words in the form of sales emails, landing pages, product descriptions and website copy. Oh, and if you were wondering... 

Yes, matterful is a word –– you can play it in Scrabble.

Now, if you've made it this far, and are feeling something... anything... it means I know a thing or two about writing words that matter. And, if in just 291 words you are tempted at all in pressing that big green button below reading let's chat... imagine how your customers will feel after they read what we've created together.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? 



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