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Words that read like poetry and sell like Ogilvy ––

Honey Copy is a creative writing shop that grows brands with pretty words.

But… But… But…

My momma told me not to click shiny red buttons from strangers…

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Your momma was a smart woman. You’re a bit skeptical. Let’s get acquainted, first.

My name is Cole Schafer. I am a writer, a marketer and a helpless romantic that runs Honey Copy, this tiny creative writing shop you’re hanging out in.

I’m Almost Famous in the wild wild west of online marketing, best known for the three things down below that I am damn proud of…


My super badass newsletter, Sticky Notes, where I send out a weekly email riffing on marketing and writing and love and life and growing your brand like crazy with pretty words.


My 10,000-word behemoth of a copywriting and marketing guide: How to write copy that sell like a Florida Snow Cone Vendor on the hottest day of the year.

I know, it’s a mouthful, but it’s been purchased by nearly one hundred marketers, entrepreneurs and snow cone vendors looking to sell like hell with pretty words.


My ink-slinging –– I’ve been a hired gun for Onnit, FreshBooks, Bellhops, The Hustle, Iconic, Spatially, Currency.com, Capital.com, Google (I don’t think I need to link to this one) and The American Ultimate Disc League. Yes, I could have posted a bunch of pictures of their logos on this here wall… but they’re clients not goddamn bass.

Which, speaking of ink-slinging, if you need a hired gun, here’s another chance for you to click that red shiny button.

Wow… Wow…

How about you buy me dinner first…

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My God, you’re a hard sell. Listen, I’m not into chest pumping. But, I understand I have to throw down a few slam dunks to let folks like you know I can sling some ink. So, here it goes…

I once wrote a crowdfunding page for an Israeli luggage company that generated $140,000 in funding in a week-ish.

I’ve been flown across the world to Minsk, Belarus to teach copywriting and marketing to Russian speaking startups (and I can't speak Russian). 

I’ve written viral articles like The Psychology of Selling that have set the internet world on fire. 

I’ve headed copy for product launches for massive health & fitness influencers… I’ve written billboards for a protein company in an ad war… I’ve written email series for SaaS startups looking to bolster sales.

And, once upon a time a genius entrepreneur by the name of River Tamoor Baig said the following about me after I slung some ink for his startup, Hack Partners

"Copywriting is often seen as a war of words to get people's attention. What Cole does with his skill and experience is to avoid that war altogether creating a serene experience where only your words exist."

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that you should hit the damn button.

Or, if you’re not ready to hit the damn button you should sign up for Sticky Notes or buy my copywriting guide.