Honey Copy


Say It Better.

Honey Copy is a creative copywriting agency that works with startups on writing sweet emails and sticky landing pages that people actually want to read. 

Essentially, we help you say what you are trying to say–– better. 

We have slung ink for brands like Entrepreneur Magazine, Freshbooks, Quickbooks and a number of other awesomely audacious startups looking to say it better through edgy, creative and conversational copy.

You may be thinking to yourself–– we have our marketing down pat, we don't need any of this copy wizardry, we already say it good enough.


Today, the difference between saying it good enough and saying it better than everyone else, is the difference between your customer pulling out their wallet after reading your email or punching it a one-way ticket to the "spam" bucket. 

The bottom line–– in the competitive world of startups, there is no room for brands that can't keep their customers reading.

Your emails and landing pages can't read like a bag of oven-baked potato chips –– nobody likes oven-baked potato chips.

Your copy needs to be cool. It needs to be captivating. It needs to be creative. And, most importantly, it needs to be clear.

That's where Honey Copy comes in.

We are a creative copywriting agency that helps brands like you say something that people actually want to read.

We don't just help you say it good enough, we help you say it better–– better than everyone else in your industry.



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